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About Dino

The name "Dino" originates from Dino Baggio, a well-known Italian soccer player. If you know how to speak Cantonese, that's the same pronunciation for my nickname since 1992. I am known by other nicknames over the years...

This picture was taken on October 8, 2006. The character on the t-shirt is Eri-chan from School Rumble.

About this website

Back in 2002, I set up my first website on a free hosting place called (It has been such a long time, and so infrequently updated that it disappeared in less than 6 months after I put it on...) Later in 2004, I set up a new website with with my ISP provider, and that ran for more than a year. Then in early 2005, I decided to do hosting, DIY style! The result is this website, and the rest is history...

The site was run on Apache, PHP, MySQL and Smarty templates, on a Windows XP machine, with more than enough hard drive space than I really need! The site is based on a free layout design I found on OSWD (Open Source Web Design)

In January 2007, this site is now moved to a server I rented for my new venture: KIS Web Service, to take advantage of the high speed connections the server farm provides.

On this site you will find me covering Anime news and reviews, Manga reviews, Gundam plastic model kits (Gunpla), PVC figures, niche Japanese PS2 games, Japanese music, 80's Canton Chinese music, and computing news, to name a few. You will also find my take on NBA transactions, breaking down big and small trades when they happen.

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