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NBA Blog Progress
Wednesday 05:52, Sep 17, 2008

Since I will be busy working on an external project starting tomorrow, I might as well start working on my NBA blog. Subdomain was set up, new database tables created, new layout implemented with more tweaking for later, new Google ads placement added... of course, I will have to add new section to my admin area to handle the new blog, plus two quick entries before official launch. Not to mention reusing code for the blog frontend...

Now time to watch some anime to make myself happy...


NBA Analysis: Milwaukee Fires Terry Stotts
Wednesday 23:31, Mar 14, 2007

The timing of his firing is rather surprising, but Stotts has been on the hot seat for a while now when injuries made this yet another forgettable season for everyone. While certainly he is not on full blame, Stotts never figures out how to use Andrew Bogut as the focal point in offense, even when both Michael Redd and Mo Williams were injured. Firing Stotts right now certainly will not save the season, and as of right now they have no one named as interim head coach. GM Larry Harris will have a lot of explaining to do...

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NBA Analysis: Isiah Thomas Getting Extension
Monday 16:54, Mar 12, 2007

Instead of doing it in the offseason, James Dolan chose to do it now, and give Thomas a multi-year extension. I do have to disagree with his decision: there is no way the team will improve anymore in the short term, with all the bloated salaries and mismatch players. Besides, anyone other than Larry Brown can sure squeeze a few more wins in the weak Eastern Conference...

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NBA Analysis Update: Trade Deadline?! Where Are The Trades?!
Thursday 23:53, Feb 22, 2007

This is the most boring NBA trade deadline day ever, since I started covering them back in 2000. Boring, boring, boring! Only three MINOR trades?! So much for all the rumors and trade talk in the media in the last few days. One thing is sure: those teams that never made the deal (but they should) before the deadline for whatever reasons will do it in the offseason...

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NBA Analysis: Trade Deadline Update
Thursday 22:55, Feb 22, 2007

One more trade happened, but this one is sure a head-scratcher: Philadelphia traded PF / C Alan Henderson and future cash considerations to Utah for the rights to exchange second round draft picks in the 2007 NBA Draft. What?! That's pure salary dump on a a guy earning veteran minimum salary. What are they thinking?! Not only that, you may have to give them cash in the future?! Nonsense! Simply the most stupid trade of the day.

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NBA Analysis Update: Trade Deadline Passed
Thursday 20:09, Feb 22, 2007

Officially, no more trades for the late comers! However, I doubt there are only two trades for the day. As we move along the rest of the day, more trades should be announced. Again, I will provide my take on every one of them!

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NBA Analysis: Trade Deadline Update
Thursday 19:59, Feb 22, 2007

Portland traded G Juan Dixon to Toronto in exchange for SG Fred Jones. Dixon is stuck behind Brandon Roy in the rotation, and no way he will see any huge playing time with Jarrett Jack playing great along with Roy. As for Jones, after the hype from the offseason signing, his minutes declined as the season goes, and now finding himself tied to the bench most of the time. For both players, a change of scenary is good. Toronto gets the better of the deal though, as Dixon's contract only runs for one more year, and cheaper.

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NBA Analysis: Trade Deadline Update
Thursday 18:43, Feb 22, 2007

Today is the trade deadline, so expect quite a few transactions to go down... even though some say this will be the quietest trade deadline day in recent years.

First trade of the day: Atlanta acquired PG Anthony Johnson from Dallas for a 2007 second round draft pick. The Hawks need a healthy PG badly (and please drop the talk that Joe Johnson is your PG...), and Johnson can provide another scoring PG to backup whoever they start. Please, just don't start him...

The Mavs do not really need Johnson in their deep rotations, and getting a second round pick in return is not bad at all. At least better than nothing...

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NBA Fantasy: Zone Busters Update
Friday 18:08, Feb 16, 2007

The first season has ended, and I ended up on rank #8 in my league, with a total of 9417.5 fantasy points. UGH! I better get it going for the second season...

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NBA Analysis: Shoot Yourself With Your Mouth And Get The Boot
Friday 17:49, Feb 16, 2007

Another classic example of professional athletes (retired or not) needing to learn when to keep their big mouth shut, this time from retired PG Tim Hardaway. His anti-gay comments made on a Miami radio show now got him banned from representing the NBA during the All-Star weekend, the direct order from David Stern. Hardaway should know better that in this day and age, his view will get himself into trouble, and certainly not a good influence nor a good example to the guys playing in the league right now. David Stern acts accordingly.

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