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Be a Responsible Programmer - KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!!
Tuesday 07:04, Jan 27, 2015

Today, my client had a problem he could not figure out: one of his former clients is back with him (technically, the guy never left since hosting is still handled by my client, just not for the development part), and my client had no idea how this new site works. My client originally created a MODX website for the guy, and then the guy left for his new girlfriend's kid (a up-and-comer ready to show his chops, apparently), got the new site done, and then broke up with the girlfriend. Now the guy is back with my client for maintenance. Sound's simple, right?

When we looked at the files on the hosting account, the old MODX setup is still there, but the new site is not using it, that we were certain of by just looking at the source code from the browser. When I looked at the index file, the code is using CodeIgnitor!! My Oh My, they did a new site with a PHP framework!! I instantly prepare for the worst, as I hate to help maintain any site done with any PHP framework (you don't need one for a simple website), and the pain to get myself up-to-speed with what this kid had done, since any programming issues for this site will ultimately fall into my laps down the road...

So, I tried to find out if this kid had done anything with the database, or add in anything custom to the framework. To my surprise, all I need to find is one PHP file in CodeIgnitor's application view folder, and there it is, the whole site (essentially one page with anchor links as menus), some extra CSS, JavaScript and image files in a separate "asset" folder that is independent of the framework, and that's it. No database calls using the framework, no special URL routing with the framework... WHAT THE HELL IS THE FRAMEWORK HERE FOR?!

This is a very important lesson for all of you who want to show off how good you are with frameworks: GET LOST!! Take it to your own pet projects, or something that actually will make use of most if not all the wonderful features of the framework you worship. Implement it on a one-page website with all content hard-coded in the file? Even put some contents in JavaScript just to show you know jQuery?? No CMS given every single client WANTS one and will kill you for saying NO??? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!

I will make my client charge that guy to remove all those crap and just give him the one-page website he deserves.

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