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Playstation Vita
Sunday 05:44, Mar 08, 2015

I have plans to get myself a Playstation Vita down the road (I want to play Kan Colle Kai on it), since it is still a bit pricy ($200 plus tax CAD), and I got my PSP at the bargain price of $145 CAD when it was closed to being phased out (just so I can play Shining Blade).

That changed today when I went to my local Target store, and as you have heard, Target is leaving Canada for good in just 2 years, and in turn they are having a slow fire-sale. At first it was only up to 30% off, but now that the discount has increased to 50%, I decided to take a look today. To my surprise, there is one PS Vita left in the store, at 30% off!! I didn't even need to think twice, and asked a staff for it (locked in a display case). This is the first time I have invested money on a console this early in the iteration (my PS3 is pretty much the final model before PS4 came out).

Now that I got the Vita (and downloaded the free High School DxD game just to try it out), my Vita will have to wait for a bit before I start playing heavily... next on my target: a 64GB memory card! I do have a 8GB (included in package), but that will never be enough if I start getting more free games via downloads...

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