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Be Careful What You Wish For with Your Wireless Bill, Canadians
Saturday 16:57, Apr 11, 2015

Back in 2013, the Canadian government granted the wish of lots of Canadians - getting rid of the 3-year contracts we love to hate from the wireless providers. Great for all Canadian consumers, right? I don't think so.

Back in 2013, I got my current voice-only plan from my provider for only $25 plus tax per month (yes, I am a cheapshot and still refuse to pay for data). What do I get? 150 minutes, free calls in evenings and weekends, Canada-wide calling and more than enough text message allowance. I have been holding out to wait for my provider to offer a better plan down the road, but guess what? With no more 3-year contracts (they can only put you up on a 2-year), and with a tiny populations that will not support enough competitions in the market, the companies decide they don't need to offer you any cheap plans now. I can't even find a $25 voice-only plan from my provider anymore today if I were to change plans. The cheapest? $27 for a tiny 100-minute plan, and you have to "bring your own phone" too. The next decent plan that will give me something better than my current plan will cost me $35. $35!! Why do I have to pay more anyway?!

Thanks, fellow Canadians, for raising the wireless bills for everyone just because you all cannot stand a 3-year contract, but rather happy to get sucked into a 2-year contract. Any big difference? Beats me!

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