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AccessPress Parallax Gripe
Thursday 03:47, Jul 30, 2015

I got a new client for a quick and clean website, and it will go as a 1-page setup with WordPress, so upon learning that AcceesPress team has such free theme available, I wanted to get my hands dirty and try it. After all, the AccessPress lite theme is pretty easy to work with, even in a child theme setup. To my surprise, AccessPress Parallax theme is nothing but that simple.

Most of the time with any WordPress projects I have to work on these days, I always work with a main theme and have all the required customizations done through a child theme setup (that's what recommended, and I will have a easier time when updates for the main theme is available). AccessPress Parallax, hands down, does not work well in a 1-page setup with child theme. It took me close to 2 hours after futile fiddling with the child theme to find out that the custom code used by AccessPress Parallax in its 1-page setup cannot be used by a child theme directly. Instead, I have to clone all the necessary files from AccessPress Parallax and put them into the child theme directory, modified the code for the child theme to access the custom "section" settings, and update all the layout file calls in the main theme from the child theme. It's a lot of mumble jumble, but at least I got it working. Then the child theme cannot even get the responsive CSS file from the main theme to load (lovely!), and I have to hard-code it into the child theme...

To the AccessPress team, good job creating this theme, but please, make it child-theme friendly in your next update.

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