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Custom Bookmark System
Thursday 06:40, Aug 20, 2015

Why the heck do I need a remote bookmark system?

  1. I have too many product links I need to access from time to time
  2. I need to access them from at least two different machines
  3. I don't want any solutions that is browser-specific (I don't want to tie down to one browser)
  4. I need something that I can manage easily
  5. Most importantly, I need one that will let me open those links with just one click (none out there)

The solution: I built myself a web-based bookmark management system, completely from scratch, with codes borrowed from my third-generation custom CMS! Of course, it has the one-click-open-all button!! I set a limit to how many it can open, or your browser will complaint when you try to open 600+ links in one shot... took me a couple of nights and now it is up and running. The real test: this upcoming weekend, when I usually visit these links at least once to check the prices.

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