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Microsoft: I am NOT Buying Your Phone Anymore
Thursday 21:56, Mar 17, 2016

So, Microsoft finally rolled out the Windows Phone 10 upgrade to "supported" phones today, and is my old Lumia 820 on that list? NOPE. I can't even think of a reason why it is not on the list. Hardware? Better than some of those allowed on the list. Was it in the "Insider" list of supported phones? You bet!

So Microsoft, you have the remainder of this year to keep me in, or I will be planning to buy a unlocked Android phone from Samsung in 2017, running the ugly Android. I paid 600+ CAD for this phone back in 2013 and now you are going to stop supporting it after 2017?! Plus forcing me to buy your Lumia 950 phone for close to $800 CAD??? NO WAY, NO HOW.

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