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Now I Have a Reason to Buy a PS4
Thursday 00:12, Jul 14, 2016

Thanks Bandai Namco, now I have to prepare to spend $400 plus on a PS4. I always like the SD Gundam game series since PS2, played on PSP, even played one on an emulator. With the latest entry, SD Gundam G Generation Genesis, there was hope when it was first announced that it will be available for PS3, but no more... only for PS4 and PS Vita?! I do have PS Vita, but I am not playing it on a small screen when I can just grab it and play on a big screen!! Damn... now I have to tighten my wallet for a while and forget about buying a new laptop in the next year or two...

If I do go ahead and buy the PS4, that means I will have three different Blu-ray player on hand, lovely...

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